Enabling your business to make better decisions

Right questions, right analysis, and right results to drive your progress. While high powered businesses are moving towards incorporating insights attained from their own data, we will bring you what may have seemed too complicated or impossible for your own business.


We use am assortment of programming
languages, databases and advanced tools to clean, process, analyze, model and visualize you data

The Data Value Chain

This is what goes on in our Data Scientist’s Kitchen


Identifying Business Levers

Identifying goals, metrics and levers to provide direction

Collecting Data

Data from diverse sources for finding better correlations and insights

Cleaning Data

Improving quality, removing what may lead to erroneous conclusions

Modeling Data

Correlating data and building models in order to predict business outcomes

Optimization & Visualization

Optimizing levers and producing visualizations

Did you know that companies, these days, are instrumenting their websites to closely track user clicks and mouse movements to understand what drives their sales? They are also deciding on where to advertise to yield maximum revenue.

The data that is being collected automatically, or entered in to your systems by your staff for the past few months or years, can churn out meaningful insights. Would you like to know why most of the appointments booked by phone are never confirmed? The answer to this may be a bad confirmation webpage design, or it could be a rainy day.

Yes, there is a way to find it out. Because, data is changing the questions and the answers today.

We are a team of experienced data scientists, R programmers and visualization experts

No matter what form your data is in today, we can do an extensive analysis and produce some key indicators that can drive you straight to actionable insights